MTL2210B SWITCH OPERATED RELAY 1-channel isolator.

MTL2210B SWITCH OPERATED RELAY 1-channel isolator.

Model: MTL2210B

Categories: MTL2000 range

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The MTL2210B enables two 500VA safe-area loads to be controlled in separate circuits simultaneously by one light-duty on/off switch in a hazardous area. Alternatively, it can be arranged to latch for pushbutton stop/start control of an electric motor, the relay then being energised by brief closure of one switch contact and de-energised by the brief opening of another. The stop switch overrides the start switch, even if the start circuit is closed, making sure that the motor can be turned off under all conditions. In this application, the second pair of changeover output contacts enables the status of the motor to be fed to a computer or data logger.

MTL2000 series

Product Code Description

MTL2210B  Switch operated relay ~ 1-channel

MTL2211  Switch operated relay ~ 2-channel  

MTL2213  Switch/proximity detector relay ~ 3-channel  

MTL2215  Switch operated relay ~ IS output

MTL2220  Earth-leakage detector  

MTL2241  Solenoid/alarm driver ~ 1-channel  

MTL2242  Solenoid/alarm driver ~ 4-channel

MTL2313  Trip amplifier ~ general purpose

MTL2314  THC trip amplifier

MTL2315  RTD trip amplifier

MTL2316  Bonding integrity monitor  

MTL2441B  4/20mA Repeater power supply

MTL2442B  4/20mA Isolating driver

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