MTL2313 TRIP AMPLIFIER general purpose.

MTL2313 TRIP AMPLIFIER general purpose.

Model: MTL2313

Categories: MTL2000 range

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MTL2313 TRIP AMPLIFIER general purpose.

The MTL2313 accepts a standard high-level dc signal of 0/20 mA, 0/5V or 0/0.5V from any circuit in a hazardous area, and is

particularly suitable for monitoring the output from a 2-wire transmitter. Since the unit drops less than 0.5V at 20mA across its

input terminals (which are certified as ‘non-energy-storing’ in Europe and regarded as ‘non-voltage-producing’ in the USA) it can be connected into almost any 4/20mA IS loop without causing this to run out of volts or need further attention by the certifying authorities. The unit operates down to zero input current, hence the low alarm can be set to detect a broken cable. On-site alarm setting is carried out simply with a calibrated voltage or current generator.

MTL2000 series

Product Code Description

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