MTL2314 THC trip amplifier.

MTL2314 THC trip amplifier.

Model: MTL2314

Categories: MTL2000 range

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MTL2314 THC trip amplifier.

The MTL2314 accepts a low-level dc signal from a thermocouple or other emf source in a hazardous area and can be used with earthed or insulated sensors. A safety drive can be set to initiate either a high or low alarm in the event of thermocouple burnout or cable breakage.

On-site alarm setting can be carried out without using a thermometer since the built-in cold junction (CJ) compensation circuit is zeroed at 0°C and can be bypassed. All that is needed is a calibrated mV source to inject the emf of the thermocouple at the alarm temperature, for a CJ temperature of 0°C.

MTL2000 series

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