MTL3042 DC ISOLATOR 4/20mA loop-powered for I/P converters.

MTL3042 DC ISOLATOR 4/20mA loop-powered for I/P converters.

Model: MTL3042

Categories: MTL3000 Series

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MTL3042 DC ISOLATOR 4/20mA loop-powered for I/P converters.

This unit acts like a direct-current transformer. Always powered from the safe-area side, it ensures that the same current flows in the safe and hazardous-area circuits and allows it to be controlled from either.

It is intended primarily for isolating and passing on a 4/20mA signal from a controller to drive a current-to-pressure (I/P) converter or a position actuator. If the loop is sensitive to the volt drop introduced by the unit, then the separately powered MTL3045 should be used. Note that the lower-cost MTL3043 can also be used for driving I/P converters in many closed-loop applications with integral control where its lower accuracy is acceptable.

MTL3000 series

Product Code Description

MTL3011    Switch/proximity detector relay - volt-free contacts

MTL3012    Switch/proximity detector relay - solid state  

MTL3013    Switch/proximity detector relay - 2-channel  

MTL3014    Switch/proximity detector relay - dual outputs

MTL3021_22  Solenoid/alarm driver ~ IIC loop powered

MTL3041    Repeater power supply - 4/20mA for 2-wire transmitters  

MTL3042    DC isolator - 4/20mA loop powered for I/P converters

MTL3043    DC isolator - 1/40mA for fire and smoke detctors

MTL3045    Isolating driver - 4/20mA for I/P converters  

MTL3046B  Repeater power supply - for ‘smart’ transmitters

MTL3052    Digital isolator - for signals up to 10kHz

MTL3054    Communications isolator/ repeater

MTL3058_59  Serial data interface ~ RS232 general purpose

MTL3071    Temperature converter ~ THC or emf input

MTL3072    Temperature converter ~ 3-wire RTD input

MTL3073    Temperature converter ~ THC or RTD input

MTL3081    Millivolt isolator - for low-level inputs

MTL3099    Dummy isolator - for terminating and isolating unused cores  

MTL3992    High stability power supply

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