MTL3058 AND MTL3059.

MTL3058 AND MTL3059.

Model: MTL3058&MTL3059

Categories: MTL3000 Series

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MTL3058 AND MTL3059


MTL3058 – RS232, general-purpose

MTL3059 – RS422, general-purpose

These units enable two ‘intelligent’ devices mounted in safe areas to communicate, bidirectionally in serial data form, across a hazardous area. A typical application is the link between safe-area process control systems and multi-point or multi-stream analysers located in‘safe-area’ instrument cabins or analyser houses in hazardous areas.

Each unit is provided with a connector on the safe-area side for connecting RS232 (MTL3058) or RS422 (MTL3059) serial-data links.

In all applications an interface unit is needed at each end of the cable, these being connected by three wires to provide full duplex communication. If the data flow is controlled by software (via Xon/Xoff), then one pair of units can be used for both ‘transmit’ and‘receive’ data lines. If hardware handshaking is needed for data flow control (eg, CTS, RTS) then further pairs of units can be used.

MTL3000 series

Product Code Description

MTL3011    Switch/proximity detector relay - volt-free contacts

MTL3012    Switch/proximity detector relay - solid state  

MTL3013    Switch/proximity detector relay - 2-channel  

MTL3014    Switch/proximity detector relay - dual outputs

MTL3021_22  Solenoid/alarm driver ~ IIC loop powered

MTL3041    Repeater power supply - 4/20mA for 2-wire transmitters  

MTL3042    DC isolator - 4/20mA loop powered for I/P converters

MTL3043    DC isolator - 1/40mA for fire and smoke detctors

MTL3045    Isolating driver - 4/20mA for I/P converters  

MTL3046B  Repeater power supply - for ‘smart’ transmitters

MTL3052    Digital isolator - for signals up to 10kHz

MTL3054    Communications isolator/ repeater

MTL3058_59  Serial data interface ~ RS232 general purpose

MTL3071    Temperature converter ~ THC or emf input

MTL3072    Temperature converter ~ 3-wire RTD input

MTL3073    Temperature converter ~ THC or RTD input

MTL3081    Millivolt isolator - for low-level inputs

MTL3099    Dummy isolator - for terminating and isolating unused cores  

MTL3992    High stability power supply

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