MTL4024 SOLENOID/ALARM DRIVER loop powered, for 24V systems.

MTL4024 SOLENOID/ALARM DRIVER loop powered, for 24V systems.

Model: MTL4024

Categories: MTL4000 Series

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MTL4024 SOLENOID/ALARM DRIVER loop powered, for 24V systems.

The MTL4024 enables an on/off device in a hazardous area to be controlled by a 24V signal in the safe area. It can drive loads such

as solenoids, alarms, LEDs and other low-power devices that are certified as intrinsically safe or are classified as non-energy-storing

simple apparatus. Provided that 24V dc is applied to the override input, the solenoid/alarm can be operated by a voltage change in

the safe area. However, if the 24V dc override signal is removed, the solenoid/alarm is turned off. Earth fault detection can be provided by connecting an MTL4220 earth leakage detector to terminal 6. The

MTL4024R is functionally identical to the MTL4024, but has pin 11 connected internally to pin 13.

MTL4000 series

Product Code Description

1. Analogue Input

MTL4041A  Current repeater

MTL4041B  Repeater power supply

MTL4041P  High-power repeater power supply

MTL4041T  Repeater power supply

MTL4042  Repeater power supply IIB

MTL4043  Repeater power supply HART

MTL4044  Repeater power supply

MTL4044D  Repeater power supply

MTL4048  Loop powered isolator  

2. Analogue Output

MTL4045B_C  Isolating driver  

MTL4046P  High-power isolating driver HART

MTL4046S  Isolating driver HART  

MTL4046_C  Isolating driver HART  

3. Digital Input

MTL4013  Switch/proximity detector interface

MTL4014  Switch/proximity detector interface  

MTL4015  Switch/proximity detector interface ~United Electric series  

MTL4016  Switch/proximity detector interface  

MTL4017  Switch/proximity detector interface

MTL4113P  Failsafe switch/proximity detector interface

4. Digital Output

MTL4021  Solenoid/alarm driver

MTL4021S  Solenoid/alarm driver

MTL4023  Solenoid/alarm driver

MTL4024  Solenoid/alarm driver

MTL4025  Solenoid/alarm driver

MTL4215  Switch operated relay

MTL4216  Switch operated relay

5. Temperature Input

MTL4073  Temperature converter

MTL4081  Millivolt/thermocouple isolator

MTL4083  Voltage isolator

6. General

MTL4031  Vibration transducer interface

MTL4032  Pulse isolator

MTL4061  Fire and smoke detector interface

MTL4099  Dummy isolator  

MTL4099N  General purpose feed-through module

MTL4220  Earth leakage detector  

MTL4403  High-level trip amplifier

MTL4421RS  General purpose switch operated relay

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