MTL4728+ FOR FOUR OUTPUTS digital (on/off) or 4/20mA

MTL4728+ FOR FOUR OUTPUTS digital (on/off) or 4/20mA

Model: MTL4728+

Categories: MTL4700 Series

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MTL4728+ FOR FOUR OUTPUTS digital (on/off) or 4/20mA controller outputs.

The MTL4728+ is a 4-channel barrier designed primarily for controller outputs and for solenoid, alarm and LED driving applications. As each loop is powered, typically, by a single channel, the module can drive four hazardous-area devices. It is not designed to accept bussed power since, for solenoid driving applications, the control switch is often in the power leg of the circuit. The unit incorporates an earth return circuit (as opposed to the MTL4787+ and MTL4787P+ modules which cover a similar range of applications but with a diode return)

MTL4700 series

Product Code Description

MTL4700  MTL4700 Series Common Specification

MTL4706+  2ch - 2-wire 4/20mA & smart Tx

MTL4715+  4ch - 12V DC applications

MTL4722+  4ch - 18V DC applications  

MTL4728–  4ch - negative & floating supplies  

MTL4728+  4ch - digital or 4/20mA outputs

MTL4755ac  3ch - 3-wire RTD applications

MTL4760ac  2x2ch - two thermocouples/AC sensors/4-wire RTD

MTL4763Pac  3x2ch - strain-gauge bridges

MTL4778ac  2x2ch - 2-wire DC & AC systems

MTL4781+  4ch+1 - 4 switches + 1 supply

MTL4787+  2x2ch - multi-purpose inputs/outputs

MTL4787P+  2x2ch - hi-power multi-purpose inputs/outputs

MTL4788+  2x2ch - 4/20mA Tx

MTL4788R+  2x2ch - 4/20mA Tx + voltage output

MTL4796–  2x2ch - vibration probes

MTL4799  Dummy barrier

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