MTL4781+ FOR FOUR SWITCHES solid-state output.

MTL4781+ FOR FOUR SWITCHES solid-state output.

Model: MTL4781+

Categories: MTL4700 Series

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MTL4781+ FOR FOUR SWITCHES solid-state output.

The MTL4781+ is a barrier with four switch channels plus one supply channel. It has electronic overvolt protection and is designed solely for switch applications. It can interface with up to four hazardous-area switches or two relay/changeover contacts, providing four solid-state open-collector returns to the safe area. The status of all four switches is indicated by a bank of four LEDs on top of the module. The fifth channel is a single power output channel for all switches made available through two hazardous-area terminals. The module includes a current limit circuit which prevents the safety fuse blowing if short-term overvoltages are inadvertently applied to any of the safe-area terminals.

It is also reverse polarity protected. The module is capable of operating from bussed power.

MTL4700 series

Product Code Description

MTL4700  MTL4700 Series Common Specification

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MTL4715+  4ch - 12V DC applications

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MTL4728+  4ch - digital or 4/20mA outputs

MTL4755ac  3ch - 3-wire RTD applications

MTL4760ac  2x2ch - two thermocouples/AC sensors/4-wire RTD

MTL4763Pac  3x2ch - strain-gauge bridges

MTL4778ac  2x2ch - 2-wire DC & AC systems

MTL4781+  4ch+1 - 4 switches + 1 supply

MTL4787+  2x2ch - multi-purpose inputs/outputs

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MTL4796–  2x2ch - vibration probes

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