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MTL5051 serial-data comms isolator, MTL5000 discontinued series but MTL5051 is still available to release an order.

News April 02, 2020

MTL5051 serial-data comms isolator, MTL5000 discontinued series but MTL5051 is still available to release an order.

MTL5051 barrier


The MTL5051 provides bi-directional serial data communication from a computer system in safe area to instrumentation in a hazardous area. It is used to provide a fully floating dc supply for, and serial data communications to: MTL643, MTL644, MTL646 and MTL647 IS text displays, other IS instrumentation, keyboards or a mouse. It can also be used for data communications across a hazardous area.



See also common specification

Location of field equipment

Zone 0, IIC, T4-6 hazardous area

Div 1, Group A hazardous location

Safe-area signal

RS232 or RS422

Hazardous-area signal

MTL640 Series mode:

To hazardous area: 3V signal superimposed on 12V

(nominal) supply

From hazardous area: 5mA signal superimposed on

quiescent current

Across hazardous area communications mode:

To hazardous area: 10mA current source

From hazardous area: 10mA current source

IS RS232/TTL devices mode:

To hazardous area: RS232-compatible signal levels

From hazardous area: TTL/RS232 signals

LED Indicators

Green: power indication

Max. power dissipation within unit

1.7W at 24V, 25mA load

Maximum power consumption (25mA load)

At Vs=20V, 105mA

At Vs=24V, 90mA

At Vs=35V, 70mA

Comms bandwidth

643/4 mode 1200 to 9600 baud

Other modes up to 19.2 kbaud

Safety description

Terminals 1,2,3,4 only 14V, 800mW, 192mA

Terminals 1,3,4 only 14V, 350mW, 88mA

Terminals 1,2,3 only 14V, 450mW, 108mA

Terminals 1,5,6 only 15V, 70mW, 35mA

Terminals 1,2,5,6 only 20V, 460mW, 139mA

Terminals 1,2,3,4,5,6 only 20V, 810mW, 227mA

Hazardous area supply terminal 2

+12V mode 12.0V ± 5% (load <23mA)

+12V mode 8.0V min (load >23 to <50mA)

+5V 5.6V ± 5% (load >23 to <50mA)

Hazardous Interfacing

See MTL640 Series for details of interfacing with MTL643,

MTL644, MTL646 and MTL647 IS text displays.

Across hazardous areas communications mode

The MTL5051 is used in pairs to transfer bi-directional fullduplex

data across hazardous areas, as shown above. Current

switching is used to minimise the bandwidth-limiting effects of

long cables.

Interfacing to an IS keyboard, mouse or other device

Communicating with RS232-level interfaces, such as an IS

keyboard, mouse, etc. is achieved by using one or more

MTL5051 units as required by the device. (TTL level interfaces are

also accommodated by the TTL-compatibility feature of RS232

receivers.) The supply to the IS equipment may be selected to be

either 5V or 12V by switch on top of unit.

MTL5000 range

Product CodeDescription

Analogue Input

MTL5040                  Loop isolator 

MTL5041   Repeater power supply

MTL5042                  Repeater power supply 

MTL5043     Repeater power supply

MTL5044                  Repeater power supply

Digital Input

MTL5018AC  Switch/proximity detector interface

Analogue Output

MTL5045   Isolating driver 

MTL5046   Isolating driver

MTL5049                  Isolating driver 

Digital Input

MTL5011B  Switch/proximity detector interface

MTL5012                  Switch/proximity detector interface

MTL5012S  Switch/proximity detector interface - United Electric series

MTL5014                  Switch/proximity detector interface

MTL5015                  Switch/proximity detector interface

MTL5017                  Switch/proximity detector interface

MTL5018                  Switch/proximity detector interface 

MTL5113P  Failsafe switch/proximity detector interface 

Digital Output

MTL5021   Solenoid/alarm driver

MTL5022   Solenoid/alarm driver

MTL5023   Solenoid/alarm driver

MTL5024   Solenoid/alarm driver

MTL5025   Solenoid/alarm driver

Temperature Input

MTL5074   Temperature converter

MTL5081   Millivolt/thermocouple isolator

MTL5082   Resistance isolator


MTL5031   Vibration transducer interface

MTL5032   Pulse isolator 

MTL5061   Fire/smoke detector interface

MTL5099   Dummy isolator 

MTL5344   Repeater power supply

MTL5349   Isolating Driver


MTL5053            MTL5053 is intrinsically safe    Isolator/ power supply

MTL5500 Series Barriers

Part Number

MTL5501-SR, MTL5510, MTL5510B, MTL5511, MTL5513, MTL5514, MTL5514D, MTL5516C, MTL5517, MTL5521, MTL5522, MTL5523, MTL5523V, MTL5523VL, MTL5524, MTL5525, MTL5526, MTL5531, MTL5532, MTL5533, MTL5541, MTL5541A, MTL5541AS, MTL5541S, MTL5544, MTL5544A, MTL5544AS, MTL5544D, MTL5544S, MTL5546, MTL5546Y, MTL5549, MTL5549Y, MTL5561, MTL5575, MTL5576-RTD, MTL5576-THC, MTL5581, MTL5582

MTL5500 series

Part NumberDescription

Digital Input  

MTL5501-SR 1ch DI failsafe solid-state output + LFD alarm

MTL55104ch DI solid-state ouput

MTL5510B4ch DI multifunction solid-state output

MTL55111ch DI relay output

MTL5513 2ch DI solid-state output

MTL5514 1ch DI relay output + LFD alarm

MTL5514D 1ch switch/prox input, dual output relay 

MTL5516C2ch DI with changeover relay output

MTL55172ch DI relay output + LFD alarm

Digital Output 

MTL5521Loop powered solenoid driver, IIC 

MTL5522 Loop powered solenoid driver, IIB  

MTL5523Solenoid driver with LFD 

MTL5523V - VL Solenoid/Alarm driver with voltage control 

MTL5524 Switch operated solenoid driver 

MTL5525Loop powered solenoid driver low power 

MTL55262ch switch operated relay   

Analogue Input 

MTL55411ch 2/3 wire Transmitter repeater 

MTL5541A 1ch Transmitter repeater, passive input

MTL5541AS1ch Transmitter repeater, passive input, current sink

MTL5541S1ch 2/3 wire Transmitter repeater, current sink 

MTL5544 2ch 2/3 wire Transmitter repeater 

MTL5544A 2ch Transmitter repeater, passive input 

MTL5544AS 2ch Transmitter repeater, passive input, current sink

MTL5544D1ch 2/3 wire Transmitter repeater, dual output

MTL5544S2ch 2/3 wire Transmitter repeater, current sink

Analogue Output 

MTL55461ch 4-20mA smart isolating driver + LFD

MTL5546Y 1ch 4-20mA smart isolating driver + oc LFD 

MTL55492ch 4-20mA smart isolating driver + LFD 

MTL5549Y2ch 4-20mA smart isolating driver + oc LFD

Temperature Input  

MTL55751ch Temperature converter, RTD / THC with alarm

MTL5576-RTD2ch Temperature converter, RTD 

MTL5576-THC2ch Temperature converter, THC 

MTL55811ch mV/THC isolator for low-level signals

MTL55821ch resistance isolator 

Pulse and Vibration  

MTL5531 1ch vibration probe interface

MTL5532 1ch pulse isolator, digital or analogue output

MTL55332ch vibration probe interface

Fire and Smoke  

MTL5561 2ch loop-powered, for fire and smoke detectors   


MPA5500 85 - 265V ac power adaptor

MTL5599Dummy isolator 

MTL599124V dc power supply