MTL 9101-22 4-segment, redundant, FISCO power supply, MTL Redundant FISCO Power Supplies 910x series.

MTL 9101-22 4-segment, redundant, FISCO power supply, MTL Redundant FISCO Power Supplies 910x series.

Model: MTL 9101-22

Categories: MTL Fieldbus

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Good quality MTL 9101-22 4-segment redundant FISCO power system for use with Invensys Foxboro I/A control systems.

The 9101 power supply system provides an intrinsically safe field network for Foundation™ fieldbus systems in hazardous areas. It has host-side connections that allow direct integration into Invensys Foxboro I/A® series control systems by means of standard preassembled

cables. For other DCS types, consult MTL product line for details of the complete 910x-22 power supply range.

The output of the power supply modules complies with the Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept (FISCO) model, in accordance with IEC standard 60079-27. The key advantages of FISCO over earlier ‘Entity’ model installations to FF-816 are higher available field current and reduced safety documentation, while retaining the ability to conduct maintenance while energised and without ‘gas clearance’.

The 9101 system builds on MTL 912x-IS range of power supplies, which have become established as the industry standard solution for FISCO networks. The 9101 system now achieves higher levels of overall system availability by providing redundancy of the power modules. When used with intrinsically safe versions of MTL Megablock field wiring hubs, the power supply system allows complete FISCO networks to be assembled for even the most demanding process applications.


Description Part Number

Redundant FISCO power supply system     MTL 9101-22-PS

(4 segment, pluggable screw terminals,

IIB Gas Group for Invensys Foxboro I/A)


8 x 9122-IS-CM, 8 x 9129-IS,

1 x 9101-CA-PS

FISCO power supply      MTL 9122-IS-CM

(IIB Gas Group, pluggable carrier mount)

Supply arbitration module   MTL 9129-IS

Alarm blanking module      MTL  9127-BLK

(To defeat carrier alarm if power supplies and

supply arbitration modules are not fitted. Two

required per segment)

Module carrier    MTL 9101-CA-PS

(4 segment, pluggable screw terminals)


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