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Good quality MTL IOP32 surge protection device in stock for your reference. Want order MTL IOP32 from us?

News June 04, 2020

MTL IOP range MTL IOP32 surge protection device with large quantity of products in stock now. More model MTL IOP32D, MTL IOP-AC, & MTL IOP HC32.

The IOP was conceived to offer protection for both digital I/O and analogue I/O. The IOP range is the most economical surge protection solution for I/O offered by Eaton. High packing-density, high protection level and low price combine to make the IOP a value solution.

The IOP range is cost-effective and still retains a hybrid circuit comprising 20kA gas discharge tubes and solid state components.

This impressive product is designed to exhibit exceptionally low line resistance and therefore adds only a tiny voltage drop to the circuit.

Removable terminals are used on the IOP range for ease of installation, maintenance and for providing a loop disconnect by simply

unplugging the terminals from the side of the module. Wire entry is angled to assist wiring within limited space enclosures.

The IOP HC32 is ideal for applications requiring up to 5A of load current. Protection of circuits to drive solenoids, relays, and actuators is now possible. The IOP AC is ideal for 120V and 240V AC circuit loops.

MTL IOP32 surge protection

The versatile design minimizes space. The IOP32D and IOP-AC models have protection for two loops in a package that is only 12mm wide. The effective space taken, per loop, is therefore only 6mm. For customers desiring single channel integrity, the IOP32 fits this need exactly.

One simple manual operation clamps modules securely onto DIN rail, which automatically provides the essential high-integrity ground connection.

MTL IOP32 back side picture