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News June 24, 2020

Hello customers, here is our MTL831B range multiplexers with Modbus outputs for your reference.

The classic MTL830B range multiplexers with Modbus outputs avoid the need to isolate each instrument loop. Reduce the cost of installed wiring by up to 50`% by communicating the status of multiple hazardous-area sensors over dual-redundant data highways.

MTL831B multiplexer transmitters are normally sited in the hazardous area. They are connected to sensors in the field and communicate these inputs to the safe area via single-pair data highways. The data highways support communication between the safe and hazardous areas,and also provide power to the transmitters – no additional field power is required.

The MTL831B would typically be mounted close to the field instruments in an enclosure such as the ENC8 or ENC83 (see 'MTL800 Series Enclosures').

MTL830 range

MTL838B-MBF receivers translate the information transmitted from the MTL831B via the data highway. The MTL838B-MBF provides a

Modbus® serial-data output representation of the inputs together with status information.


Translates data received from the MTL831B in the hazardous area and makes it available as twin RS485 Modbus® serial data outputs. The MTL838B-MBF is configured by personal computer for thermocouple and RTD type, safety drive, high and low alarm and any other operational parameters.

NM MTL838B-MBF  Modbus Receiver Instruction Manual

MTL830  MTL830 is intrinsically safe 

MTL830 Common Specs  Approvals and common specification

MTL830 Enclosures  Enclosures and accessories  

PCS83  MTL830 Range Configuration Software 

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