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Discountinued MTL4840 series models, MTL4841 & MTL4842. MTL4841 communications module and MTL4842 HART® interface module.

News December 31, 2020

In stock MTL4840 HART Maintenance System models MTL4841 & MTL4842 product pictures for your reference.

MTL4841 & MTL4842 modules product description:

The MTL4840 HART Maintenance System enables a user to calibrate, configure and maintain an entire network of 'smart' field devices from

a single workstation.

The key elements that make this possible are the MTL4841 communications module and the MTL4842 HART interface module. These two modules provide the multiplexing for the individual field

devices, making each one addressable and identifiable.

MTL4842 Hart Interface module

MTL4842 HART interface module product side picture as below.

MTL 4842 picture

Currently, the MTL4840 HART Maintenance System models has been replaced by MTL4850 series product.

The avalaible model is MTL4851 and MTL4852.

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