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Good quality MTL4852 Secondary Interface Module, new arrival MTL4852 HART multiplexer with competitive price for sale.

News January 18, 2021

New arrival MTL4852 HART multiplexer, high quality MTL4852 Eaton MTL factory original product in stock with good price.

MTL4852 product picture

MTL4852 HART multiplexer product description.

MTL4852 Secondary Interface Module

Number of HART channels: 16 (ch17 to ch256 in 16 channel groups)

Channel device type: HART rev 5-7

Channel interface: 2 connections to each channel

MTL systems interface: Up to 15 off MTL4852 modules per MTL4851

Total length of interface bus, 4m max.Power requirements

Powered: from MTL4851 module

The MTL4851 and MTL4852 HART connection system provides a simple interface between smart devices in the field, control systems and HART instrument management software run on a pc.

The MTL4851 and MTL4852 modules can also be located on HTPSC16x termination boards for general purpose applications. HART loops are simply wired through these HART Termination Panels and may be

grounded or floating circuits. The HTP boards offer a compact and costeffective solution for general applications. CPH-SC16x backplanes are ideal for signal loops requiring intrinsic safety (IS) protection, combining multiplexer and IS isolator mounting. This offers considerable simplification in wiring when compared to DIN-rail based solutions.

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