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Discontinued product MTL4000 series MTL4016 switch proximity detector interface unit. We currently still have some pieces of MTL4016 in stock.

News March 29, 2021

Dear customer, if you're interested in MTL4016 switch proximity detector interface unit, you can feel free to contact me here. I'll offer you a price for MTL4016.

MTL4016 switch proximity detector interface unit product description:

With the MTL4016, two switches or proximity detectors located in a hazardous area can each control two safe-area loads. The four safe-area outputs are made through reed relays. It is designed for applications where the status of a sensor needs to be fed to two separate systems (eg, control and shutdown). Independent phasereversal switches for each channel, located on top of the module, allow alarm signals to be signalled for either state of the sensors. Line fault detection (LFD) for broken or shorted lines is provided as also are facilities for earth fault detection. Power and switch status is indicated by LEDs located on top of the module.

MTL5500 range barrier

More product models for MTL4000 series

Product CodeDescription

1. Analogue Input

MTL4041A  Current repeater

MTL4041B  Repeater power supply

MTL4041P  High-power repeater power supply

MTL4041T  Repeater power supply

MTL4042  Repeater power supply IIB

MTL4043  Repeater power supply HART

MTL4044  Repeater power supply

MTL4044D  Repeater power supply

MTL4048  Loop powered isolator 

2. Analogue Output

MTL4045B_C  Isolating driver 

MTL4046P  High-power isolating driver HART

MTL4046S  Isolating driver HART 

MTL4046_C  Isolating driver HART 

3. Digital Input

MTL4013  Switch/proximity detector interface

MTL4014  Switch/proximity detector interface 

MTL4015  Switch/proximity detector interface ~United Electric series 

MTL4016  Switch/proximity detector interface 

MTL4017  Switch/proximity detector interface

MTL4113P  Failsafe switch/proximity detector interface

4. Digital Output

MTL4021  Solenoid/alarm driver

MTL4021S  Solenoid/alarm driver

MTL4023  Solenoid/alarm driver

MTL4024  Solenoid/alarm driver

MTL4025  Solenoid/alarm driver

MTL4215  Switch operated relay

MTL4216  Switch operated relay

5. Temperature Input

MTL4073  Temperature converter

MTL4081  Millivolt/thermocouple isolator

MTL4083  Voltage isolator

6. General

MTL4031  Vibration transducer interface

MTL4032  Pulse isolator

MTL4061  Fire and smoke detector interface

MTL4099  Dummy isolator 

MTL4099N  General purpose feed-through module

MTL4220  Earth leakage detector 

MTL4403  High-level trip amplifier

MTL4421RS  General purpose switch operated relay

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