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Eaton MTL5544, MTL4544/S – MTL5544/S 2 channel 2/3 wire Transmitter repeater. We have MTL5544 isolated barriers in stock for sale.

News April 20, 2021

Our new arrival MTL5544, MTL4544/S – MTL5544/S barriers for your reference. If you're interested in our MTL5500 range MTL5544 barriers, please feel free to contact me online.

MTL5544 barriers product description:

MTL4544/S – MTL5544/S REPEATER POWER SUPPLY 2-channel, 4/20mA, HART®, 2- or 3- wire transmitters

The MTLx544 provides fully-floating dc supplies for energising two conventional 2-wire or 3-wire 4/20mA or HART transmitters located in a hazardous area, and repeats the current in other circuits to drive two safe-area loads. For smart transmitters, the unit allows bi-directional transmission of digital communication signals superimposed on the 4/20mA loop current. Alternatively, the MTLx544S acts as a current sink for a safe-area connection rather than driving a current into the load. Separately powered current sources, such as 4-wire transmitters, can be connected but will not support HART communication.


See also common specification

Number of channels


Location of transmitter

Zone 0, IIC, T4–6 hazardous area if suitably certified

Div. 1, Group A hazardous location

Safe-area output

Signal range: 4 to 20mA

Under/over-range: 0 to 24mA

Safe-area load resistance (MTLx 544)

@ 24mA: 0 to 360Ω

@ 20mA: 0 to 450Ω

Safe-area load (MTLx544S)

Current sink: 600Ω max.

Maximum voltage source: 24V dc

Safe-area circuit output resistance: > 1MΩ

Safe-area circuit ripple

< 50µA peak-to-peak

Hazardous-area input

Signal range: 0 to 24mA (including over-range)

Transmitter voltage: 16.5V at 20mA

Transfer accuracy at 20°C

Better than 15µA

Temperature drift

< 0.8µA/°C

Response time

Settles to within 10% of final value within 50µs

Communications supported

HART (terminals 1 & 2 and 4 & 5 only)

LED indicator

Green: power indication

Maximum current consumption (with 20mA signals)

96mA at 24V dc

Power dissipation within unit (with 20mA signals)

MTLx544 1.4W @ 24V dc

MTLx544S 1.9W @ 24V dc

Safety description (each channel)

Terminals 2 to 1 and 3, and 5 to 4 and 6:

Uo=28V Io=93mA Po=651mW Um = 253V rms or dc

Terminals 1 to 3 and 4 to 6:

Simple apparatus ≤1.5V, ≤0.1A and ≤25mW; can be connected

without further certification into any IS loop with an open-circuit

voltage <28V

MTL5544 isolated barrier

MTL5500 Series Barriers

Part Number

MTL5501-SR, MTL5510, MTL5510B, MTL5511, MTL5513, MTL5514, MTL5514D, MTL5516C, MTL5517, MTL5521, MTL5522, MTL5523, MTL5523V, MTL5523VL, MTL5524, MTL5525, MTL5526, MTL5531, MTL5532, MTL5533, MTL5541, MTL5541A, MTL5541AS, MTL5541S, MTL5544, MTL5544A, MTL5544AS, MTL5544D, MTL5544S, MTL5546, MTL5546Y, MTL5549, MTL5549Y, MTL5561, MTL5575, MTL5576-RTD, MTL5576-THC, MTL5581, MTL5582

MTL5500 series

Part NumberDescription

Digital Input  

MTL5501-SR 1 channel DI failsafe solid-state output + LFD alarm

MTL5510 4 channel DI solid-state ouput

MTL5510B 4 channel  DI multifunction solid-state output

MTL55111 channel  DI relay output

MTL5513 2 channel  DI solid-state output

MTL5514 1 channel  DI relay output + LFD alarm

MTL5514D 1 channel  switch/prox input, dual output relay 

MTL5516C 2 channel  DI with changeover relay output

MTL5517 2 channel  DI relay output + LFD alarm

Digital Output 

MTL5521 Loop powered solenoid driver, IIC 

MTL5522 Loop powered solenoid driver, IIB  

MTL5523 Solenoid driver with LFD 

MTL5523V - VL Solenoid/Alarm driver with voltage control 

MTL5524 Switch operated solenoid driver 

MTL5525 Loop powered solenoid driver low power 

MTL5526 2 channel  switch operated relay   

Analogue Input 

MTL5541 1 channel  2/3 wire Transmitter repeater 

MTL5541A 1 channel  Transmitter repeater, passive input

MTL5541AS 1channel  Transmitter repeater, passive input, current sink

MTL5541S 1 channel  2/3 wire Transmitter repeater, current sink 

MTL5544 2 channel  2/3 wire Transmitter repeater 

MTL5544A 2 channel  Transmitter repeater, passive input 

MTL5544AS 2 channel  Transmitter repeater, passive input, current sink

MTL5544D 1 channel  2/3 wire Transmitter repeater, dual output

MTL5544S 2 channel  2/3 wire Transmitter repeater, current sink

Analogue Output 

MTL5546 1 channel  4-20mA smart isolating driver + LFD

MTL5546Y 1 channel  4-20mA smart isolating driver + oc LFD 

MTL5549 2 channel  4-20mA smart isolating driver + LFD 

MTL5549Y 2 channel  4-20mA smart isolating driver + oc LFD

Temperature Input  

MTL5575 1 channel  Temperature converter, RTD / THC with alarm

MTL5576-RTD 2 channel  Temperature converter, RTD 

MTL5576-THC 2 channel  Temperature converter, THC 

MTL5581 1 channel  mV/THC isolator for low-level signals

MTL5582 1 channel  resistance isolator 

Pulse and Vibration  

MTL5531 1 channel  vibration probe interface

MTL5532 1 channel  pulse isolator, digital or analogue output

MTL5533 2 channel  vibration probe interface

Fire and Smoke  

MTL5561 2 channel  loop-powered, for fire and smoke detectors   


MPA5500 85 - 265V ac power adaptor

MTL5599 Dummy isolator 

MTL5991 24V dc power supply

For any question about MTL5544, MTL4544/S – MTL5544/S barriers, please feel free to contact me here.