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Discontinued MTL5018AC isolated barrier has been replaced by MTL5516C+MPA5500. If you want to know more information about MTL5018AC,call me!

News April 20, 2021

Dear customer, please kindly note the MTL5018AC isolated barrier has been discontinued now. MTL5516C+MPA5500 can be used to replace the MTL5000 range MTL5018AC barrier.

Old model MTL5018AC barrier product description:

The MTL5018ac enables two safe-area loads to be controlled by two switches or proximity detectors located in a hazardous area. Two relay outputs are provided. Independent phase reversal control allows an alarm condition to be signalled for either state of the sensor. A selectable line fault detect (LFD) facility detects an open or short circuit in either field circuit.

MTL5500 range barrier

Other discontinued models for MTL5000 range.

MTL5000 range

Product CodeDescription

Analogue Input

MTL5040                  Loop isolator 

MTL5041   Repeater power supply

MTL5042                  Repeater power supply 

MTL5043     Repeater power supply

MTL5044                  Repeater power supply

Digital Input

MTL5018AC  Switch/proximity detector interface

Analogue Output

MTL5045   Isolating driver 

MTL5046   Isolating driver

MTL5049                  Isolating driver 

Digital Input

MTL5011B  Switch/proximity detector interface

MTL5012                  Switch/proximity detector interface

MTL5012S  Switch/proximity detector interface - United Electric series

MTL5014                  Switch/proximity detector interface

MTL5015                  Switch/proximity detector interface

MTL5017                  Switch/proximity detector interface

MTL5018                  Switch/proximity detector interface 

MTL5113P  Failsafe switch/proximity detector interface 

Digital Output

MTL5021   Solenoid/alarm driver

MTL5022   Solenoid/alarm driver

MTL5023   Solenoid/alarm driver

MTL5024   Solenoid/alarm driver

MTL5025   Solenoid/alarm driver

Temperature Input

MTL5074   Temperature converter

MTL5081   Millivolt/thermocouple isolator

MTL5082   Resistance isolator


MTL5031   Vibration transducer interface

MTL5032   Pulse isolator 

MTL5061   Fire/smoke detector interface

MTL5099   Dummy isolator 

MTL5344   Repeater power supply

MTL5349   Isolating Driver


MTL5053            MTL5053 is intrinsically safe    Isolator/ power supply

For any question about MTL5018AC isolated barrier, please feel free to contact me by email.