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Eaton MTL MTL5531 replacement product model for discontinued MTL5031 barriers. Want order MTL5531 isolated barriers from us?

News April 20, 2021

Good quality MTL5531 1 channel vibration probe interface barrier. We currently have MTL4531 – MTL5531 models in stock with large quantity. Need price for MTL5531?

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MTL5500 Series Barriers

Part Number

MTL5501-SR, MTL5510, MTL5510B, MTL5511, MTL5513, MTL5514, MTL5514D, MTL5516C, MTL5517, MTL5521, MTL5522, MTL5523, MTL5523V, MTL5523VL, MTL5524, MTL5525, MTL5526, MTL5531, MTL5532, MTL5533, MTL5541, MTL5541A, MTL5541AS, MTL5541S, MTL5544, MTL5544A, MTL5544AS, MTL5544D, MTL5544S, MTL5546, MTL5546Y, MTL5549, MTL5549Y, MTL5561, MTL5575, MTL5576-RTD, MTL5576-THC, MTL5581, MTL5582

MTL5531 barrier product description:


The MTLx531 repeats a signal from a vibration sensor in a hazardous area, providing an output for a monitoring system in the safe area. The interface is compatible with 3-wire eddy-current probes and accelerometers or 2-wire current sensors; the selection is made by a switch on the side of the module.



See also common specification

Number of channels


Sensor type

2- or 3-wire vibration transducer

Location of signal source

Zone 0, IIC, T4–6 hazardous area if suitably certified

Div. 1, Group A hazardous location

Hazardous-area input

Input impedance

(terminals 2 & 3): 10kΩ

Transducer supply current, 2-wire

3.3mA (nom.) for 2-wire sensors, user selectable by switch

Signal range

Minimum –20V, maximum –0.5V

DC transfer accuracy at 20°C


AC transfer accuracy at 20°C

0Hz to 1kHz: ±1%

1kHz to 10kHz: –5% to +1%

10kHz to 20kHz: –10% to +1%

Temperature coefficient

±50ppm/°C (10 to 65°C)

±100ppm/°C (–20 to 10°C)

Voltage bandwidth

–3dB at 47kHz (typical)

Phase response

<14µs, equivalent to:

–1° at 200Hz

–3° at 600Hz

–5° at 1kHz

–50° at 10kHz

–100° at 20kHz

Safe-area output impedance


LED indicator

Green: power indication

Supply voltage

20 to 35V dc

Maximum current consumption (10mA transducer load)

65mA at 24V

Maximum power dissipation within unit


Safety description

Terminals 3 to 1

Uo=26.6V Io=94mA Po=0.66W Um = 253V rms or dc

Terminals 3 to 2

Non-energy-storing apparatus ≤1.5V, ≤0.1A and ≤25mW

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