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Dear customer, the MTL2000 range model MTL2211 Switch operated relay 2-channel isolators has been discontinued. No MTL2211 to supply now.

News April 20, 2021

Discontinued Eaton MTL MTL2211 Switch operated relay 2-channel barrier. Sorry, we don't have a chance to supply this MTL2211 model now. Please contact here for more information.

MTL2211 Switch operated relay 2-channel product description:

The MTL2211 enables two 500VA safe-area loads to be controlled independently through two relays by two light-duty on/off switches in a hazardous area. The two input circuits are independently fully floating and are unaffected by each other. Each relay is provided with two sets of changeover contacts, which are connected in parallel within the unit for maximum reliability. Applications include the operation of medium-powered electrical equipment such as alarms, lights, and small electrical motors, or contactors for controlling higherpowered equipment.

MTL5500 range barrier


MTL2000 series

Product Code Description

MTL2210B  Switch operated relay ~ 1-channel

MTL2211  Switch operated relay ~ 2-channel 

MTL2213  Switch/proximity detector relay ~ 3-channel 

MTL2215  Switch operated relay ~ IS output

MTL2220  Earth-leakage detector 

MTL2241  Solenoid/alarm driver ~ 1-channel 

MTL2242  Solenoid/alarm driver ~ 4-channel

MTL2313  Trip amplifier ~ general purpose

MTL2314  THC trip amplifier

MTL2315  RTD trip amplifier

MTL2316  Bonding integrity monitor 

MTL2441B  4/20mA Repeater power supply

MTL2442B  4/20mA Isolating driver

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