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England origin MTL4500 range MTL4575 MTL5575 TEMPERATURE CONVERTER barriers in stock for sale. We have good price for MTL4575 MTL5575 barriers.

News September 15, 2023

Dear customer, our new arrival MTL4575 MTL5575 barrier products with good manufacturer date and England origin in stock for sale. We currently have special price for MTL4575 MTL5575 barrier products. 

MTL4575 MTL5575 barrier product description:

The MTLx575 converts a low-level dc signal from a temperature sensor

mounted in a hazardous area into a 4/20mA current for driving a safearea load. Software selectable features include linearisation, ranging, monitoring, testing and tagging for all thermocouple types and 2-, 3- or 4-wire RTDs. (For thermocouple applications the HAZ-CJC plug on terminals 1–3 includes an integral CJC sensor). Configuration is carried out using a personal computer. A single alarm output is provided and may be configured for process alarm or to provide notice of early thermocouple failure.